August 21st, 2012

Explaining the Hiatus

hello,worldWith its hurried debut and fantastic response, it is time that we reluctantly shutter CyberWonk v0.5. This is a decision we don’t take lightly, but one you all, the readers, deserve.

When we re-launch in late 2013, we will continue to de-mystify these issues so crucial to our national security, economy, and daily lives. We will still bring a mix of reporting, analysis, and unbridled opinion that makes cyber issues less terrifying and more relevant to the non-technical audience. ¬†We will, never fear, bring indeed, bring bring Cyber’s sexy back.

And when we do, we will do with a slate of new guest posters, a growing community of thought leaders in the field who, like your humble CyberWonk, have strong opinions, dare-we-say deep knowledge, and a desire to get those views out there.

Stay tuned, watch our Twitter feed (@TheCyberWonk), and get ready the Post-Beta conversation.